You can use this IKEA Stockholm TV stand as an additional home interior with a minimalist design that looks aesthetic. As we know, the TV rack is the most important part that must be in the house.

In addition to supporting the TV, this furniture can also be used as a decoration or to place several other objects. Well, this IKEA brand TV shelf is suitable to fulfill this interior design. Furniture products from IKEA also have many advantages, which are as follows.

5 Advantages of IKEA Stockholm TV Stand, Suitable to Be a Choice


The advantages of the IKEA Stockholm TV Stand

IKEA is one of the well-known and high-quality brands of household furniture, and this TV stand from IKEA is no exception. Apart from being of high quality, this TV stand has a very minimalist design but looks luxurious. Not only that, there are lots of advantages of this one furniture product, which are as follows.

Minimalist and Simple Design

The design of the IKEA Stockholm TV stand looks very minimalist and simple. So, this furniture is very suitable to complement the interior of the family room. Not only that, because of its minimalist design, of course, it doesn’t take up too much space. So, it can make the TV room not look cramped. The shape itself is quite elongated, so it can accommodate various types of television sizes.

Equipped With Drawers

Not only serves to support the television but this furniture product can also be used to store various objects such as photos or books. At the top, users can also add some table decorations so that the TV stand can look more elegant and add to the atmosphere of the TV room more attractive.

Has a Natural Color

You need to know, this TV stand from IKEA is produced using raw materials from walnut wood. Well, because these raw materials make the color look very natural and don’t fade easily. This is also one of the reasons why this furniture product is of very high quality.

Height According to Eye View

When viewing television, of course, it will be more comfortable when the height can be at eye level. So, you don’t need to look too much by leaning up or down. This TV shelf furniture from IKEA is designed with a height of around 50 CM, so it is quite low and fits the eye.

Durable and Not Easily Eaten by Termites

This IKEA product is known for its resistance to termite attacks, so it can last for a long time. This is of course based on the use of quality raw materials for production. With this, of course, you will not worry about destructive animals such as termites.

Those are some of the advantages of the IKEA Stockholm TV stand that you should know about. So, besides being of high quality, the furniture from IKEA is also very multifunctional and has a minimalist appearance.