IKEA plastic drawer cabinets are the best solution for those who always mess around with problems with goods or clothes. because the number is growing.

Moreover, you like to shop online. Adding to your collection of items and clothes, right?

IKEA Plastic Drawer Cabinets Neat Residential Space Economical Place

IKEA Plastic Drawer Cabinets Specifications

Many consider the chest of drawers the most essential furniture of its existence, especially in minimalist or Scandinavian concept residences. This is because the chest of drawers does not require a large space, but the loading power is quite a lot.

So, you can put it anywhere and store various items. Even the design of the cabinet with unique ornaments, at the same time, serves to beautify the room. If you are smart to choose according to the interior theme, it will make the room look perfect.

Nowadays there are a lot of broad chests of drawers. One of his best recommendations comes from IKEA plastic drawer cabinets. You can read the complete specifications in the following review.

Product Dimensions

IKEA chest of drawers comes in dimensions of 80 cm x 48 cm x 100 cm. From the height of the cabinet, which is 100 cm, you can put something on it.

Suppose a mirror, picture frame, flower vase, or other display. It will also be difficult to reach him.

With a cabinet depth of 48 cm, it allows users to store anything inside. One thing is certain this one-drawer cabinet has a simple appearance but is much neater and seems elegant.

Easy to Open Drawer

The handless feature of IKEA plastic drawer cabinets gives the impression of a more compact cabinet. Opening it won’t require much effort. This is thanks to the presence of hinges and drawer rails. There is also a pull stop so you can open the drawer without having to spend a lot of energy.

Disassembly Model

This drawer cabinet is an unloading model. Very fitting for newly married couples. When going to move, it will not be difficult.

Comes with a design of 4 large cabinets complete with partitions, making it easier for you to store clothes or items according to their type. So, it will not be difficult to find something you need someday.

Guaranteed Security

Attaching a chest of drawers to the wall certainly minimizes bad events. IKEA plastic drawer cabinets are safe home furniture. You can use the available hooks so that the cabinets will not shift or collapse.

Easy Maintenance

Made of quality particle board makes IKEA plastic cabinets are easy to maintain. Simply wipe the surface with a soft cloth.

Beforehand, please dip a rag in soapy water. When it is clean, do not forget to dry it. Use a soft, dry cloth. Make sure not to leave the cupboard in a damp state.


This compact-sized cabinet with a simple appearance is not expensive. Prepare a budget of IDR 2,000,000

Interested in bringing home an IKEA plastic drawer cabinet? You can order it through a trusted marketplace. Be sure to get the original IKEA. Choosing the right furniture will help maximize the space in a dwelling.