The living room that you have has a minimalist design? Well, the Bigwood Sofa Axel 2 Seater is suitable to be used as a complement to the interior of the family room or living room. Its size is fairly minimalist and not too heavy, of course it can save a little space. To be able to be considered, you can see the detailed review below.

Bigwood Axel 2 Seater Sofa, Minimalist, Soft and Comfortable

Bigwood Sofa Axel 2 Seater Review

The sofa is one of the most important household furniture. Therefore, of course, the selection of the sofa must also be considered so that it can support the comfort of the guests or someone who sits on it.

Currently, sofas with a minimalist design are the choice of many people and are quite in demand in the market. This sofa is perfect for complementing home interiors with a minimalist concept.

Well, one of the best-selling sofas on the market is Bigwood Sofa Axel 2 Seater. This sofa has a pretty good quality and functional design. So, here’s a full review if you’re curious.

Minimalist Size

As already explained, this sofa is one of the sofas with a minimalist design, so the size is also minimalist. The dimensions are 160 cm long, 84 cm wide, and 88 cm high. With this size, of course, this sofa looks simpler and saves quite a bit of space.

Carrying Scandinavian Design

This Sova has brought the latest Scandinavian design which is more concerned with functionality. Even so, this sofa is also superior in terms of quality, aesthetics, and value, so it is perfect for making the living room more dynamic and looks elegant.

Fabric Sofa Made Of Quality Materials

In the production process, this sofa uses quality materials, namely the Vienna regency type, and 100% polyester. Then, for the foam it uses, it is also super-premium foam which is anti-fungal and bacteria. So, when used, this sofa will feel soft and make people feel comfortable wearing it.

Manufactured Using Selected Wood

Then, the use of wood on this sofa is also an option. This sofa uses solid wood furniture and plywood. Then, this product also does not use particle board, so it is very weather-resistant and can last a long time. The legs of the sofa also use quality wood, namely solid wood with a melamine finish.

This is a review of the Bigwood Sofa Axel 2 Seater product that you can pay attention to. well, after reading the review above, of course you already know that this sofa is produced using selected and quality materials. So, the product itself can be durable and anti-fungal.