Lucas Informa Office Chair is one of the best furniture choices for you. Having a comfortable chair while working is very important. Remember, comfort at work will influence our work performance.

When we have an uncomfortable chair it will definitely make our work less than optimal. For example, back pain, the base feels hard, gets sore easily and so on. For that, it is very important to choose a chair that is comfortable to use.

Lucas Informa Office Chair

Lucas Informa Office Chair with Its Various Advantages

Informa is one of the best furniture brands. For this reason, choosing this brand as an option for furniture at home or office is indeed the right choice. We really have to choose furniture with the best quality.

That way, the furniture we have will be durable and long lasting. Moreover, furniture that we immediately use, such as chairs. Of course we have to choose a quality and can make you comfortable.

Lucas Informa Office Chair is one of the options that you can choose. Well, here are the advantages of this one product.


The first advantage of this chair is that it is flexible. You can arrange the chairs according to your wishes. For example, you can adjust the seat height on a chair.

You can adjust the seat height according to comfort. For example according to height, table height, and so forth. That way, of course we will be more comfortable in using the chair.

Apart from that, this chair can also rotate 360 degrees. This will definitely make it easier for us to move. When you have to face two tables in opposite directions it certainly won’t be a problem.

There is a backrest

This chair also has arm supports and also has a headrest. Having this arm support will definitely make your hands less sore. Apart from that, this arm support can definitely make our sitting more balanced.

The headrest is also an important advantage. When we are tired of facing the computer, occasionally leaning our heads against the chair will definitely make the soreness in our heads disappear a little. For this reason, having a headrest is quite useful.

Quality materials are also one of the advantages of this chair. This chair can withstand loads of up to 120 kg. Apart from that, this chair also has wheels so it makes it easier for us to move.

So, those are the advantages of the Lucas Informa Office Chair. With so many advantages, this chair is definitely worth choosing.